Whether it’s in the recording studio, live onstage, or collaborating and brainstorming on a comfy couch, there are several ways in which I can help with your upcoming project.

Are you looking for a producer? Do you need someone to arrange parts for harmony vocals, or a full horn section? Do have a composition that needs transcribing, or editing? Do you need to commission a composition? I can help.

Or do you need a session player or singer? Maybe you need a fill-in singer or instrumentalist for a gig? Are you looking for a music director for a performance or even a tour? I can help.

Or are you in need of a voiceover artist? Looking for a narrator, or a voice actor to bring a character to life? Does your company need a voice for branding, or do you have a production coming up that requires the right kind of voice for the right kind of impact? I can help.